Conservation and Preservation

The Damascene Rose, with its cultural and ecological significance, faces various challenges that require dedicated conservation and preservation efforts, particularly in its native land of Syria.
Syria, with its rich history intertwined with the Damascene Rose, holds a vital role in its conservation. The country has long been renowned for its cultivation of this exquisite flower, which has become deeply ingrained in its cultural heritage. However, the extended war and environmental changes posed significant threats to the Damascene Rose’s existence.
Despite these challenges, dedicated individuals, organisations, and communities in Syria are working tirelessly to protect and preserve this iconic flower. They employ sustainable cultivation practices, prioritise habitat conservation, and promote awareness about the value of the Damascene Rose as an essential part of Syria’s natural and cultural heritage.
Local farmers, who have inherited the knowledge and techniques passed down through generations, play a critical role in the conservation efforts. Their expertise in cultivating and harvesting the Damascene Rose ensures the continuation of traditional practices that have sustained the flower’s legacy for centuries.
In addition to the efforts on the ground, collaborative initiatives are being established to support the conservation of the Damascene Rose in Syria. Partnerships between governmental bodies, non-governmental organisations, and international entities aim to strengthen conservation strategies, raise awareness, and provide resources for sustainable cultivation and protection.
Musei Reali of Turin, in their commitment to the preservation and celebration of the Damascene Rose, have collaborated closely with Syrian experts and organisations. As a testament to this collaboration, the museum has established a remarkable Damascene Rose garden, featuring hundreds of shrubs sourced from Syria. This living exhibit symbolises the enduring connection between nations and serves as a sanctuary for this endangered species.
By raising awareness and supporting the conservation efforts in Syria, we can help ensure the survival of the Damascene Rose for future generations. Through collective action, sustainable practices, and continued appreciation for its cultural significance, we can protect this precious flower and the heritage it represents.

Oh, Damascene Rose, your petals hold the key,
To unlock the chambers of love, wild and free.
In your presence, the heart finds solace and peace,
A sanctuary where love’s wonders never cease.