One of the greatest challenges for the contemporary museum is to go beyond all the architectural, cognitive, sensory and cultural barriers that makes it diffucult to fully access the cultural heritage and its tangible and intangible values.

The Musei Reali face their commitment towards people with special needs by offering visit itineraries dedicated to people with sensory disabilities, created with the contribution of and in collaboration with The Turin Institute for the Deaf and The Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired of Turin.

Moreover, it is possible to book:

  • guided tours with tactile readings of tridimensional models, of original samples taken from the museum’s storages and of natural elements existing in the Gardens.
  • guided or autonomous tours, with the support of tactile educational material at the Archeological Museum, in the space dedicated to The Marengo Treasure.
  • visits with LIS (Italian Sign Language)

Our proposals:



ACCESSIBILITY_LIS (Italian Sign Language) proposals

For the autonomous visit, in collaboration with The Turin Institute for the Deaf, short guides have been created for the State Apartment at the Royal Palace’s first floor and for the Royal Kitchens, published with highly legible fonts.

Download the PDF of the Royal Apartment’s short guide

Download the PDF of the Royal Kitchen’s short guide

To ease the experience of visitors with intellectual disabilities, the social story for the Royal Palace’s and the Armoury’s visit is available. It was created by the educators after their attendance at the seminars dedicated to intellectual disabilities organized by the Paideia Foundation of Turin.
Practical info, indications for the visit and the locations’ and exposed objects’ description are expressed in a simple and clear manner, with images combined with higly readable short texts.

Download the Social Story for the Royal Palace’s and the Armoury’s visit

It is possible to ask for more information or to receive a modifiable version of the social story, that parents, educators and caregivers can personalize according to their own needs, by emailing the address

For info and reservations, email :



Our proposals

Start now to explore, create and play with art and history, to learn while having fun. Download the educational sheets and follow the tutorials to try many different activities, at home and at school.